Wiltshire Grate and Store Cheese Container Lid Storage Slicing/Grating/Staring

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Keep your prepared ingredients fresh and ready to go with the Wiltshire Classic Grate and Store. This convenient two-in-one unit features coarse, fine and dual-directional slicing graters to suit all sorts of ingredients including hard vegetables, chocolate, cheese, and fruit. This unit comes with a durable plastic container that is great for storing your grated ingredients in the refrigerator for later use.

  • Coarse grater suitable for carrots, hard cheeses, apples, onions, citrus and nuts
  • Fine grater suitable for hard cheeses, chocolate, zesting, ginger and cinnamon
  • Dual-directional slicing function is great for hard vegetables like cucumbers and carrots
  • Includes plastic storage container with handle and clear lid
  • Measures approx. 24.5 x 19 x 6cm (including handle)