Wiltshire Eat Smart 2 in 1 Peeler Multi-function Swivel Y Peeler Kitchen Tool

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Space saving, multi-functional and a super sharp blade - what more can you ask from a peeler? You can’t live without a good peeler! Both comfortable to hold and stylish to look at, this 2 in 1 Peeler combines both the humble swivel peeler and Y peeler in one with just a turn of a safety knob.

Why you'll love me...

Are you a meal prepper? The Eat Smart range is here to make prep time a little bit easier- with tips for your recommended daily serving (based on eatforhealth.gov.au), and multi functionality in each design. From pouring to measuring and peeling to scooping your avocado, Eat Smart includes all your kitchen must-haves.


  • Multi-function kitchen tool
  • Turnable knob to shift from swivel to Y peeler function
  • Space saving - 2 in 1
  • Handle made from beechwood, a renewable resource

Usage & care

  • For that extra sparkle, we recommend to hand wash in warm soapy water & dry thoroughly.

To change from a swivel peeler to & Y peeler:

  1. On the side of the knob, push the lock inside to unlock.
  2. Rotate the knob counter clockwise to use as a Y peeler.
  3. Push the other end of the lock inside to lock again - be careful of the sharp blades!
  4. Use the Y peeler for larger and rounder fruits and vegetables.