Wild Scents Hamsa Ceramic Smudge Bowl

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Intricate gold foil hamsa design on a jet black bowl.

  • Quality ceramic smudge bowl perfect for holding sage & catching cinders during cleansing rituals
  • Specially moulded internal holder keeps sage smudge sticks upright for safe burning

The Hamsa is an ancient symbol of protection, worn throughout history to bless & bring strength to the wearer, as well as deflect the evil eye. Combined with the purifying properties of sage, this smudge bowl is perfect for ensuring your space is free from negative energies and will empower you in all aspects of life.

The practice of smudging has long been used as a ritual tool for clearing negative energy. A burning sage stick is used to bless, heal or cleanse by "washing" the smoke over the person, object or space you are clearing. Wild Scents smudge bowls are perfect to safely burn, extinguish and display your sage, with specially designed internal holder for burning sage.

Dimensions (approx.): (D)12.5 x (H)10.5 cm

Note: Never leave burning sage unattended. Keep away from children and pets.

Smudge not included.