The Moon Tarot Incense Holder Tray Incense Burner Holder Incense Sticks Yoga

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The Moon Tarot Incense Holder Tray

The Moon Card Interpretations:Upright: anguish, confusion, danger, deception, depression, disgrace, disillusionment, double-dealing deception, error, illusions, intuition, melancholy, trickery, unconsciousReversed: confusion, deception discovered, enlightenment, fear, joy, misinterpretation, negative advantage, overcoming obstacles, resolution, silence, trifling mistakes.

Description:Dimensions: 12cm x 7cmMaterials: ¼ inch Baltic BirchFor use with stick incense with wooden stem only. Not for use with cone incense.Great for your home or as a gift. Handcrafted in the USA.