Stanley Rogers 30 Pieces Bolero Cutlery Gift Boxed Set Fork Knife Spoon

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The Stanley Rogers Bolero Cutlery Set 30 Piece is the perfect compliment on your table.

Whether it be for use in a restaurant or just at home, the Stanley Rogers Bolero Cutlery Set 30 Piece is made from high quality stainless steel to tackle the toughest of tasks for lasting durability.

The sharp serrated edge makes light work of cutting tasks meaning you can enjoy your food even more.

The distinctive hammered finish in a mirror polish brings a little sparkle to your table.

Casual place setting for six:

  • 6 Dinner Knives
  • 6 Dinner Forks
  • 6 Dessert Spoons
  • 6 Soup Spoons
  • 6 Teaspoons
  • Gift box

How to Care for Your Cutlery

Stainless steel is highly resistant to stains, rust and wear. However, no material is 100% stain resistant to all destructive agents.

Common households substances such as salt, vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, tomatoes and mayonnaise when left in contact with cutlery for a prolonged period of time can degrade and/or mark the stainless steel surface.

By following these care instructions, you will keep your stainless steel cutlery looking new and spotless for years to come.

**Your stainless steel cutlery is dishwasher safe as long as the care instructions are followed**

Dos and Don’ts for Your Cutlery

  • Do rinse any food as soon as possible.
  • Do remove cutlery from the dishwasher as soon as the wash cycle is complete.
  • Do use a quality stainless steel polish from time to time to maintain the finish or remove rust or watermarks.
  • Don’t leave cutlery unwashed.
  • Don’t leave cutlery wet.
  • Don’t leave cutlery to soak.
  • Don’t leave cutlery to drip dry by itself when washing by hand nor when washing in a dishwasher.
  • Don’t use steel wool or abrasive materials, this will mark the cutlery.
  • Don’t wash steel and silverware in the same compartment of the dishwasher. Silverware will be marked which can not be removed.
  • Don’t store your cutlery in the original plastic bags. Storing cutlery for a long time does not prevent deterioration of the polishing as it is exposed to humidity.