Small Gel Wrap Hot/Cold Microwaveable Ice Pack with Wrap Pain Relief

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This product can be used to treat a new injury. Fresh injuries can cause inflammation and swelling and should be treated with a cold pack as it helps restrict blood flow to the affected areas, helping to decrease inflammation and swelling. Simply place in the fridge or freezer and wrap in a cover/towel before applying to the skin.

Product Benefits:

  • Microwaveable | Reusable
  • Ideal for reduced swelling
  • For temporary relief of headaches
  • Reducing fevers
  • Temporary relief of muscle aches and pains
  • Back pain, sinusitis and menstrual cramps
  • Great for treating all manner of soft tissue injuries
  • Suitable for head and lower back use


  • 1x Gel pack
  • 1x Securing strap

Package Included: 1 x Hot/Cold Gel Wrap and 1 x Strap