Sausage Grill Basket Rack Top Grade BBQ Barbecue Grilling Camping Sausage Holder

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With this “Mega Grill” Sausage Grilling Basket, the time of turning sausages one by one is over.

Adjusts to two heights and latches closed to firmly hold six sausages of various thickness width in place.

Long handle lets you turn all six at once single-handed.

Special design length fits Australia’s jumbo sausage.

Suitable for gas, electric and charcoal grills.


  • Holds 6 sausages.
  • Rack height adjusts three ways to secure six sausages of various thickness for easy one-flip grilling.
  • Eliminates turning sausages one by one by hand and unexpected roll-offs.
  • Long handle keeps your hands a safe distance from high heat.
  • Extra width design to suit for Australia's jumbo sausage.
  • Solid hardwood handle, stays cool to the touch.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Overall length: 48 cm
  • Basket size: 24 x 12cm