Professional Angel Food Cake Pan 25.5cm Chiffon Bakeware Pop Moulds

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Angel Cake Pan will ensure you create an impressive light and fluffy sponges, chiffon and angel cakes.

Its tapered sides and inner tube allow your cake batter to rise and bake with uniform heat.

After baking, invert the pan using the 3 supports around the edge to avoid deflating the cake. The base disconnects to easily unmould the cake without breakage or damage.

Interior is matt finish, so the high rising cake does not fall.

Rolled edge prevents warping.

Removable inner core and bottom helps to release the cake without breakage.

The 3 support legs elevate the pan when it is inverted, allowing the cake to cool faster

Oven and dishwasher safe.


Pan: Dia. 25.5 cm

Pan Depth: 10.5 cm

Overall Height: 14.5 cm including support

Material: Tin Plate