Portable Hand Sport Ball Balloon Air Pump Soccer Basketball Needle Inflator

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5 pc Ball Basketball Sports Football Needles with Inflation Air Pump Set

Features: inflating hose, 3 metal needle for inflating basketball and football, inflating balls and balloons.

1 Hand pump 40cm
It is a must accessories for party time use which it can be help you to inflation balloons.

Use for Balls, Balloon
Material: Plastic, Metal
Main Color: Red, Silver Tone
Inflating Hose Length: 115 x 8mm/0.31" (L*Dia)
Plastic Outlet Size: 38 x 7.4mm/1.5" x 0.079"(L*Dia)
Needles Size: 38.2 x 7.4mm/1.6" x 0.35"(L*Dia) 40.8 x 5mm/1.5" x 0.1(L*Dia)
Net Weight: 150g

Package Content
1x Hand Pump 40cm
1 x Inflating Hose
3 x Needles
1 x Plastic Outlet