Polder Countertop Silicone Compost Bucket 3.8L

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  • Innovative and elegant countertop composter, one-gallon capacity temporarily stores food scraps on kitchen countertop.
  • Flexible push-through silicone bucket inverts to easily empty contents, non-stick surface rinses clean, diswasher safe when extra cleaning is necessary.
  • Adjustable aerobic compost setting, lid rotates to control airflow for managing odor and decomposition.
  • A first-of-a-kind kitchen composter that has it all. This new, touch-free design from Polder allows the contents to be emptied by simply inverting the flexible bin.
  • To create rich compost, the adjustable airflow lid easily rotates to control just the right amount of ventilation necessary for proper decomposition and odor control.
  • The lightweight and portable design allows the full bucket to easily be transferred into a larger, outdoor bin.
  • Simple and elegant, this wire frame and silicone composter fits any décor and makes an elegant kitchen statement.

Volume: 3.8L

Dimensions: 23 x 22cm (H x D) Approx.