Orgone Chakra Healing Pendant Adjustable Cord Citrine

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  • Citrine with copper, aluminium shaving and clear quartz powder.
  • ENJOY RENEWED CONFIDENCE and protection from negativity as the Orgonite Pendant raises your vibration and that of your environment.
  • HANDCRAFTED from a mixture of citrine , metals and resins, giving each its own unique and original appearance.
  • ADJUSTABLE CORD NECKLACE allows you to position your Orgone Pendant over the heart or the throat for optimal protection.

Protect yourself mentally, physically and spiritually

By harnessing the amazing powers of citrine necklace promotes spiritual healing as well as EMF and psychic protection from negative entities and radiation emitting devices like cell phones, Wi-Fi routers and network towers. It also acts as an immune booster and energy generator to enhance your life force, awaken creativity and strengthen your psychic intuition.

It is a thoughtful gift for anyone needing relief from stress or seeking mental clarity.