Joseph Joseph Nest Chopping Boards 3-piece Set Large Green

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Make food prep a breeze with Joseph Joseph! These three colour-coded chopping boards are very easy to access and come with their own sleek storage stand, making the set a stylish addition to any benchtop. Each board is a different size, catering for a range of food prep tasks, and features an easy-lift stainless-steel bar, non-slip feet and a knife-friendly, textured cutting surface. The stand holds each board apart, allowing air to circulate for even drying, and includes non-slip feet on the base.


  • Dishwasher safe boards
  • Slim chopping board stand for improved air circulation
  • Easy-lift stainless steel bar
  • Non-slip feet
  • Knife-friendly textured cutting surface
  • BPA free

Colour: Multi


  • Small board: 23 x 32 cm
  • Medium board: 24 x 34 cm
  • Large board: 25 x 35.5 cm