Himalayan Salt Bath Soak Dead Sea Epson Magnesium Natural Bathtub Health 500g

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Relax, de-stress and let your cares slip away whilst enjoying the wellness benefits of our 100% natural, mineral rich bath soak.

Our delightful 100% natural Reinvigorate Himalayan Bath Soak, with 100% Cosmetic Grade Essential Oils, is rich in Epson Salts to increase magnesium levels, as well relax and ease muscle tension.

As your body organs resonate with the natural frequency of the minerals in the salt bath, your body is being recharged and energized, boosting metabolism and triggering its self-healing powers.

Himalayan Pink Salt becomes a powerful detoxifier as this ionic salt solution helps extract the toxins from your skin and tissues promotes better skin hydration, leaving it softer and smoother.

Take a time of your day to unwind, relax and balance mind body and soul.

Made with a luxurious combination of Borek Dead Sea Salt , Australian Sea Salt, Epsom Salts, and Himalayan Salt.

How to use our Bath Soak?

  • Add 100 to 150g to a warm (not hot) bath and soak for 20 to 40 minutes.

Content: 0.5kg

  • Comes in a stand-up resealable pouch
  • 1 Reusable Cotton String bag supplied

Made by Crystal Wonderland using only the finest quality ingredients in our formulas.

Health benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt Include:

  • Himalayan Crystal salt is the most beneficial, cleanest and purest salt available on this planet. The purity of the Himalayan crystal salt is above 99%. This is the best available purity ratio in the world. It was formed about 250 million years ago.
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt is a Nature’s warriors, fight against your pollution spreading enemies. Crystal salt products release negative ions, which purify the air and also provide relief from sinus, migraine, headaches, allergies and hay fever, reduce the severity of asthma attacks, enhance the immune system, increase alertness, increase work productivity.
  • Ideal for daily use near televisions and computers, around smokers, in offices with air-conditioning, in fact anywhere you want to restore or preserve the natural air quality.
  • Bio-energy therapists and homeopaths in Europe have recommended Himalayan Crystal salt for a long time to support the treatment of allergies, respiratory system and blood system diseases. They are often used in the treatment of rheumatism
  • Other benefits include the improvement for Allergy & Asthma Sufferers, recovery from illness, stress, anxiety, meditation, fresh air, etc.
  • Himalayan Crystal salt has been scientifically shown to correct the imbalance of an environment's ions.

Epsom salt, named for a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Long known as a natural remedy for a number of ailments, Epsom salt has numerous health benefits as well as many beauty, household, and gardening-related uses. The theory suggests that dissolving Epsom salt in water helps the skin absorb magnesium ions. These regulate numerous essential bodily functions, including muscle and nerve function, blood pressure and inflammation.

Dead Sea salt refers to salt and other mineral deposits extracted or taken from the Dead Sea. The composition of this material differs significantly from oceanic salt. Most oceanic salt is approximately 85% sodium chloride (the same salt as table salt) while Dead Sea salt is only 30.5% of this, with the remainder composed of other dried minerals and salts. Dead Sea salt is rich in Chloride and Bromide, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium. Dead Sea salt was used by the peoples of Ancient Egypt and it has been utilized in various unguents, skin creams, and soaps since then. It has been claimed to treat rheumatologic conditions, common skin ailments, allergies, and skin aging.