Heller Upright Oscillating Floor Heater Portable Fan Table Desk Hot Warm 2000W

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Oscillating Portable Upright Fan Heater

Heller upright fan heater is well designed and manufactured to be a compact yet very efficient heater at a low operating cost.The quality unit features 2 heat settings, oscillating function and thermostat heat control, tip-over safety, overheat protection.

Product Features & Specifications

Product: Electric Upright Fan Heater

Product Code: HUFHOS

Colour: White

Power: 230 - 240 Volt

Frequency: 50 Hz

Plug: Australian Standard 240 Volt Power Plug

Power Cord: 1 Meter Long approx

Power "ON" Indicator Light

Oscillating Function

Adjustable Thermostat Control

2 Heat Settings: 1000 Watt / 2000 Watt

Safety Tip-Over Protection

Over Heat Protection