Feng Shui 200 Incense Sticks HEM Square India Relaxation Home Fragrance

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Incenses are popular in every culture, some of them even use them in witchcraft supplies.

HEM incense are hand rolled and hand-crafted.
Incense are enjoyed all around the world.
Light one and the smell is instantly spread around the room.
Removes bad odors.
Great for houses with pets.
Each stick burns for approximately 30-45 minutes and will fragrance your rooms for many hours.

This carton contains 25 Square packs of Incense, with each pack containing approximately 8 sticks, giving a total of 200 incense sticks. 

Directions for use: Incense Stick Holder is required or fireproof bowl, this is to collect the ash and to be heat resistant. Light the incense stick at the coated end, hold the flame to the incense until the incense can hold its own flame Let the incense burn for a few seconds and then blow the flame out, you will see your stick glow with a small amount of smoke. Your incense is alit and the fragrance of the incense will spread. If you don’t see the glow at the end of the incense stick you will need to re-light.

Caution: Do not leave burning sticks unattended Keep out of reach of Children Always use caution when working with fire Make sure ashes fall on fireproof surfaces (Incense holder). Not for human consumption and not tested on animals.