Fagor Tiramisu 6 Cup Aluminium Stove Top Brewer Coffee Espresso Maker Percolator

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Brew heartwarming and flavourful espresso with the Fagor "Tiramisu" 6 Cup Aluminium Espresso Maker. The compact design is perfect for when space is scarce, with the technology savouring the characteristics of the coffee beans.

Simply fill the bottom component with water, the middle with your favourite ground coffee beans, place the jug on top and bring to the boil on the stove.


  • 6 Cup capacity.
  • Made from strong aluminium.
  • Comfortable nylon handle.
  • Highly durable silicone gasket.
  • Suitable for gas and electric stoves (not induction).

Handwash only. Follow pre-use instructions, including running three cycles with 3/4 coffee and water prior to drinking your brew.