Essential Oil Humidifier Ultrasonic Air Diffuser Aroma Aromatherapy Air Purifier

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- Modern life can be stressful and unforgiving, especially to your health. All the more that you should learn to relax and rejuvenate your senses to face the challenges. And that is where the Aroma Diffuser can help you restore and maintain your aura perfectly.

- With its unique conical design, the Diffuser actually performs four functions in one device: humidifier, purifier, night light and aromatherapy. It uses electronic frequencies to create vibration in water. The resulting mist is then carried to the top where it absorbs the essential oils to purify the air and remove unwanted odours. At the same time, you experienced a scented aroma to calm and revitalize your body.

- You can set the Diffuser to work continuously for up to 10 hours by selecting your choice of intermittent or continuous mist modes. Not least, you can also adjust the level of brightness or select your desired night light colour with its 7-colour LED light to give you soothing hues all through the day or night.


4-in-1: aromatherapy, humidifier, purifier, night light

200ml capacity

Adjustable 7-colour LED light

Ultrasonic smooth mist

Three mist adjustment modes

LED indicator

Whisper-quiet operation

Auto off when water runs low

Low energy consumption

High humidification effect


Raw Material: PP

Size: 100 x 140mm

Weight: About 200G

Length of electric wire: About 160cm

Power: 11W

Capacity: 200ml

LED: Three

Ultrasonic Frequency : 2.4MHZ

Power (Input/Ouput): AC 100-240V 50/60HZ DC 24V 0.5A

Range of aroma: 10-15m2

Working time: 6-10 hours

Mist mode: 10 seconds in between/ Continuous / Timing 2 or 4 Hours

Light option: 7 colour

Light brightness: Bright and dim

Noise: <35dB (A)

Colour: White

Package Contain:

1x Air diffuser


1x Measuring Cup

1x User manual

1x Remote Control

The right key is function key.

When press the 'MIST/TIME' switch for the fist time, the aromatheraphy machine will work in fog mode by defaulit. If you press the 'MIST/TIME' switch for 10 seconds,the MID/GONT LED will fash with its light, and aromatherapy machine will change into litte fog mode.

1.At the first press, the product light up and starts spraying mist.

2. At the second press, interval mist mode,spary for 10 seconds, stop for 10 seconds, keep circulating;

3. At the thrid press, the product will be automaticly shutdown after spraying for 2 hours;

4. At the fourth press, the product will be automaticly shutdown after spraying for 4 hours;

5. At the fifth press, turn off the product.

In any condition, Press the right key for 3 seconds,the product is forced to be shut down, the product beeps twice