Coffee Canister Airthight Vacuum Sealed Storage Date Tracker CO2 Valve

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The Coffee Culture Coffee Canister will keep your coffee fresher, for longer. Some people keep their coffee in the fridge, others in the freezer. No more. With the Coffee Culture canister, storing your coffee has never been easier, and you will notice the taste difference.
Store anywhere you like.

  • Quality Stainless Steel body.
  • Special CO2 release valve for longer and fresher taste.
  • Date Tracker to ensure your coffee is always delicious. The Date feature allows you to keep track of the purchase or expiry date.
  • Comes with spare CO2 valves.
  • Comes with complimentary coffee measuring scoop.

Stores: 650g of beans or 550g of ground coffee.

Dimensions: H 19cm x diametre 12cm