600ml Milk Frothing Thermometer Espresso Coffee Pitcher

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Product Description

This jug is a must-have in your collection of barista accessories.
Intelligent control temperature and adjustment precise.
Perfect for preparing coffee such as latte, cappuccino.
The milk foam is more delicate- the pull cup is more delicate than the foam of the ordinary version of the pull cup, and the pull flower shape is more perfect.
Widely used in Coffee shops, western restaurants, bar,s etc.
Durable chocolate shaker and coffee stencils. It is easy to use to take and to store. Safe and easy clean.

  • Intelligent temperature sensing display-Set the temperature, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, there is an indicator light.
  • Made of high-quality Plus-thick 304 Stainless Steel, durable in use.
  • Seamless design with pour spout.
  • Modern and delicate.
  • Ergonomic design handle, comfortable to hold.

Material:304 stainless steel
Colour: Silver, White
Capacity: 600ml

Package Includes: 1x Milk Thermometer Jug