4 Kids Artist Canvas Printed Bulk Watercolour Tubes 15 pcs Brush Set 15 x 15cm

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  • Quantity: 4 printed stretched canvas
  • Quantity: 4 printed stretched canvas
  • White light-weight cotton duck is stretched around frame
  • For oil and acrylic painting.
  • Approx Size: 15cm x 15cm.

Water colour tubes:

  • 12 Tubes 12ml Reno Art WATER Colour Set Beginners & Professional Artists
  • 1 pack- Pack contains 12 x 12ml colours
  • This water colour set is compact and has been designed for both beginner and the traveling artist

Bush set:

  • Brushes for Acrylic , Watercolour or Oil Paint
  • They are suitable for both beginners and advanced artists.
  • Get started on your painting journey today using these lovely paint brushes.
  • 15 piece set.
  • Assorted brush types.
  • Assorted sizes.