3Pcs Set Children Pencil Holder Pen Writing Aid Grip Posture Tools Correction AU

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  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE: These pencil grips are made of eco-friendly high-quality silicone, durable, non-toxic, soft and flexible, very comfortable to hold without any harm to the user, support overall hand health.
  • EASY TO USE FOR RIGHTIES AND LEFTIES: These training pencil holders have two holes that can fix the thumb and index finger, allowing you to hold their pencil the right way preventing skin irritation and blisters. This encourages a child's INDEPENDENCE without an adult needed for constant supervision.
  • MADE FOR EVERYONE: Pencil grips are suitable for children, adults, as well as special needs with arthritis, hands tremor and other health problems. With their cute shapes and vivid colours, our pencil grips would be an ideal gift for your friends. If this pencil grip doesn't meet your need, we would be glad to refund or send you a replacement.
  • HOLLOW VENTILATION, POPULAR AMONG KIDS: The vivid colours and hollow design make the handwriting pencil grips quite popular among kids. Writing will become an automatic task, so that children can spend more time concentrating on what they want to write, rather than how to go about writing it. Specifications
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Type: Pencil Holder
  • Material: Silicone
  • Colour: Blue, Green and Orange
  • Dimensions: Diameter 8mm hole
  • Performance: Non-toxic and tasteless
  • Results: Bactericidal effect
  • Purpose: Hold a pen correction
  • Recommended age: 4 years +

Package Contents

  • 3 Pcs Set Children Pencil Holder (Blue, Green and Orange each one)