2 x Cooling Gel Pad Pillow Insert

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2pc Cool Gel Pillow Insert Cooling Gel Mat Cushion Seat Bed Sofa

Item Description

Relieves Hot, Stressed & Stiff Muscles & Cool Your Pillow! Whether it’s a hot summer’s night or whether your sleep is disturbed due to hot flushes or night sweats, this pad will help keep you cool and give you a more restful sleep. With no pre freezing or refrigeration required this cool pad reacts to your bodies’ own heat to bring you down a few degrees and produces a natural all-night-cooling effect without the need for noisy fans or expensive air coolers! The cool pad is designed to lie between your pillow case and pillow and keeps your head cool – they can even be used in your favourite chair, your car or wheelchair for direct cooling comfort.


*Needs no refrigeration

*Provides constant cooling & soothing comfort

*Vacuum sealed to keep the patented core at its coolest temperature while keeping the warm air out

*Not affected by perspiration

*The soft surface is allergy free and easy to keep clean.

*Cooling comfort for *Muscle aches *Headaches *Sunburn


Material: Hygienic PVC, Gel

Colour: Blue Unit

Dimensions: 30x40X2cm

Package includes: 2 x Cooling Pillow Pad