10pcs Detox Foot Patches Pads Natural Plant Toxin Removal Sticky Adhesive

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  • Detox Foot Patches Pads.
  • Main Ingredients Bamboo vinegar, tree vinegar, chitosan, tourmaline, Vitamine C, detox herb extract, dextrin.
  • Bamboo vinegar extract: With super absorb ability. 
  • Bamboo vinegar extract’s cell is tiny, it has high penetration, can remove dirty things and toxin deeply in human body.
  • Vegetable fiber: Supply microelement to human.
  • Tourmaline: Give out far-infrared ray.
  • Note: This product for external use only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Do not use on open wounds or existing skin conditions.

Package Include: 10 pcs foot patches